Publication and Ethic Policy

This seminar and its Organizing Committee ensure the availability of the strict Ethical Standards which applies to all parties involved in this seminar:

  • Authors
  • Reviewers and members of the Scientific Committees
  • Publisher


For Authors

Reporting standards: Authors must display the results of the study clearly, honestly, and without data manipulation. The research method should be written clearly and unambiguous in order for the results or findings to be confirmed by others.


Originality, plagiarism and acknowledgment of sources: the author must ensure that the work submitted is original, free of plagiarism, and has never been published in other media.


Data Access and Retention: Authors are asked to prepare raw data related to the research in order to be reviewed by the editorial committee.


Ethics: Authors must only submit paper in accordance with the ethical standards, show great responsibility attitude, and also comply with all the relevant rules.


Disclosure and Conflict of Interest: The script sent by authors should be free of conflicts of interest that potentially could influence the results or the interpretation of research results. These include research or projects supported by certain institutions that pose a conflict of interest.


Authorship of the Paper: authorship are limited to parties that have significant contribution towards concept, design, execution or interpretation of the studies reviewed. All parties who have contributed should be recorded as co-author. While others who have participated in donating specific substantial aspects should be listed as contributors. Authors must ensure that all the co-author are mentioned on the paper, have read and approved the final version of the paper before published.


Multiple, Redundant or Concurrent Publication: Authors are forbidden to publish manuscript which describes the same research in more than one journal or primary publication. This actions show unethical behaviour and therefore are unaceptable.


Fundamental errors in published works: when Authors found significant error or inaccuracy in the work that have been published, they must report/ inform this case to the journal editor or publisher, and cooperate with the editor to correct the manuscript.